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"We really want to thank you for making our dream home a reality. We've been in our new home for over a year now, and we can honestly say that there isn't a thing we would change. As first time home-builders, we were very pleased with and excited by the entire process. The only cost increases were due to our own changes, as promised you ensured that we didn't make any mistakes in our requests to you, we had occupancy well ahead of the contracted date, you had high quality subcontractors who enjoyed working for you, strong attention to detail, and minor issues/concerns were resolved on a timely basis."

Bill & Anita Heikkila

Established in 1973, based in Kincardine, Ontario, Bradstones Construction is a 3rd generation family business. Rooted in providing maximum value to our customers Bradstones provides the best quality workmanship available, at the best possible price, to build your custom dream home. We are a Certified Registered Builder with a record of excellence in the Ontario New Home Warranty program, as well as additional qualifications through R2000 and the BCIN program. We pride ourselves in going above and beyond to build homes up to 30% more efficient than our competitors.**         


**Based on 2017 stats

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Building a home is a big undertaking. We do our best to take the guess work out of it and to help you along every step of the way. We’ve recognized the need for well-built custom homes at prices our competitors can’t equal.


Here's how Bradstones goes above and beyond:


8” x 20” footings, rather than the minimum 4” x 10” footings.
20 MPa concrete in our footings and foundation walls, where 15 MPa is required.
25 MPa concrete in the basement, where 20 MPa is required.


Our typical exterior wall make-up is 2x6 studs with 1” rigid insulation. This gives an R value of R:27 above grade. (minimum of R:24) It also nearly doubles the R value where your lumber is, which typically accounts for 15% of the exterior walls. A 2x6 stud has an R value of 5.5,and 1” insulated sheathing has an R value of 5.

We strap our basement walls out to allow for R:20 insulation below grade, over top of R:5 Roxul Comfort Board. (Industry standard is minimum of R:12 + 5ci)

We insulate under our basement slabs with a 2” styrofoam boards or spray in place urethane insulation, which not only gives R:12 insulation value under the concrete, but gives a complete moisture barrier. The combination of which virtually eliminates moisture in the basement. Leading to a more comfortable, healthy and much more energy efficient space.

We insulate our garage walls and ceiling to reduce the amount of moisture issues due to heat loss during the winter months when the vehicles bring in all sorts of snow.

We use ½” plywood instead of 7/16” Aspenite on our roof which gives a more durable & solid roof system. We also cover the entire roof with a synthetic underlay before the shingles to maximize the performance and protection of the roof.


We strap the underside of our trusses with 1x4 @ 16” o/c to give a stronger, straighter ceiling finish.

Triple glazed windows, which effectively triple the R value of the “weak point” of the homes insulation package over double glazed windows. This cuts down significantly on the heat loss/gain in the hardest place to control temperature change.

Our garage doors are insulated steel with an R value in a range between R:6.5 to R:18, depending on the application and chosen style.

When we do propane furnaces we use a modulating furnace with an ECM motor. The operation of which saves money both on the fuel usage and on the hydro consumption.

We install high and low level return airs, with a damper on the low, so that the cold air return can pull the appropriate air out of the home to enable a more comfortable and efficient HVAC system.

We install a separately ducted HRV system with runs to each bathroom, the kitchen, and the laundry area. We also install a general air humidifier so that the HRV can be run year round without drying the house out too much in the winter when it’s cold and dry outside.

We out shut-off valves at all plumbing fixtures to allow for easier maintenance of the fixtures down the road.

The stair system we use has an engineered substructure, with furniture quality finished wood that is installed pre-finished so as to not have to shut the site down for weeks to allow proper finishing of the wood. The engineered structure also gives a much stronger stair when completed, one that doesn’t squeak or bounce, not to mention the better looking and longer lasting finish of the wood finished in a spray booth rather than with brush and roller.

For our custom ceramic showers we use the Wedi shower system to ensure a quality, leak free shower, guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years.

We are not represented by Real Estate agents for our custom built homes. We prefer to represent ourselves to keep the 4-5% value in the home for the customer, as well as do a proper job of educating people about what we do.

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